About us

NextBarter is an innovative exchange platform facilitating the seamless swapping of goods between individuals.

Next Barter

Overview about NextBarter

There are two parties: (A) is the giver, and (B) is the receiver.

It will be considered to be a barter arrangement if either A or B accepts the other's offer. Any number of offers may be made by any party. Users or parties with higher ratings will be freely explored more frequently on the homepage.

Next Barter

how it works

How to use NextBarter?

1. In order to use the platform, please register as an account holder.

2. Once you create an account, you can start bartering.

3. To engage in bartering, you can post your announcement with your own creational or make an offer to existing announcements.

4. Another party (B) can view your offer, if your offer doesn’t meet given desires it will be rejected, if your offer meets his or her desires, it will be accepted, then your action is recognized as a matched offer which is called a deal.

5. Once you make a deal, you can start contacting each other via EMAIL OR PHONE and complete your barter.

6. For any other inquiries, please see the FAQ or do not hesitate to contact us.